Late Timesheet Processing Charge (LTPC) Policy

In order to be paid on Friday, timesheets must be sent in by 23:00 on Mondays for work done in the prior week (ending 8:00 Monday morning).

If your timesheet is received within up to 2 weeks after this deadline the LTPC will not be applied.

If your timesheet is received between 2 and 3 weeks after this deadline the LTPC will apply.

This charge will be 10% of the pay on each late shift.

Where timesheets are received 3 weeks or more after the deadline the charge will increase to 30% of the pay on each late shift.

We do not want to charge the LTPC but clients are concerned about the late-charging of time when timesheets are late and they are not paying for shifts worked in some cases. We have no choice but to pass these costs on.

We allow you to delay the payment by up to 6 weeks by completing the ‘payment date’ section on the right of the timesheet.

Holding back timesheets will not save you tax.

Tax in Ireland works on a cumulative basis (i.e. everything is added up and rebalanced with each payment) so you cannot pay less tax by holding timesheets back.

If you hold back time sheets to manipulate the Irish social welfare system please be aware that when we are asked by the authorities what days were worked we disclose that information and not when payment was made.

So there is no reason to hold back timesheets!

If you have any queries, please feel free to contact your consultant.