Agency ID Nursing Jobs in Ireland

Registered Nurse in Intellectual Disability (RNID)

The RNID undertakes a diverse range of roles to support the individual with an intellectual disability and their family from providing holistic nursing including intensive physical care for individuals with profound and complex disabilities to providing guidance and support in the management of children, adolescents and adults for the purpose of optimising the life, health and social care of the individual.

Registered Nurses in Intellectual Disability (RNIDs), is a key profession in the provision of health and social care supports for people with intellectual disabilities. We are looking for professionals who welcome the prospect of advancing and enabling the highest quality of opportunities and providing health and social care support to individuals with intellectual disabilities in the changing landscape of disability services.

Access Healthcare provides Nurses with jobs and shifts across Ireland. We have ongoing needs for Intellectual Disability Nurses across Ireland. We have new temporary shifts and bookings on a daily basis for ID Nurses. Sometimes the Agency Nursing positions are a one-off request and other times they are for longer and more regular engagements.

If you have any questions about Registered Nurses in the Intellectual Disability area (RNID), please contact us.

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