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What is Corporate Nursing?

  • As the world is rapidly adapting to a “new normal”, organisations are putting new measures in place to help mitigate risk and reassure employees. One action that more proactive organisations are beginning to implement is to hire nurses to perform health checks and to educate employees on the correct measures to take to help reduce the risks of contracting or spreading contagions.

Why are businesses and companies hiring nurses?

  •  Nurses are being employed principally to provide an increased level of protection and support to employees. This is being delivered through health checks, advise, education and support. The second most prominent reason is social responsibility at a corporate level, reducing the societal impact of spreading infection.

What types of businesses are interested in hiring nurses?

  • Every type of medium to large business, interest in using Temporary Corporate Nurses is coming from a broad array of organisations and not just those providing critical services. Our current customers include businesses in technology, pharmaceutical, food production, financial services, logistics and manufacturing.

What are the nurses doing at these companies?
  • Nurses will provide swab tests and daily temperature checks to ensure no one is symptomatic. They assist companies that follow the correct procedures should someone show symptoms or become infected. Hold talks with groups within an organisation and empower COVID Supervisors as well as providing a support network for those expressing concern.

What is the best basis to hire nurses to perform these?
  • No long terms plans are being made in this regard so organisations are typically hiring nurses temporarily (for as much time per week as is necessary). The time commitment can vary during the initial stages of bringing employees back into the office and many are retaining the nurses on an ongoing basis based on their perceived needs.
  • For these reasons having a temporary staffing solution is deemed to be the most practical solution.

Do the nurses need to be registered?
  • Nurses should be fully vetted and registered. There is a clear set of guidelines for this and Access Healthcare ensures that every healthcare professional has successfully completed this process before providing services.

Are there nurses available for this?
  • Yes, we have experienced nurses throughout the country that are able to provide this service for as long as needed.

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