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Are you an Irish nurse living abroad? You’ve seen what the world has to offer and you’ve decided after a global pandemic and a new perspective on the world, it’s time to go home.

It’s a big decision you make when deciding that it is time to return home. You’ve made a new life for yourself abroad and experienced a new culture and way of life. Making the decision to travel home is the hardest part – the rest is easy. Keep reading this article for the steps to take for a nurse who wants to return to Ireland.

The thought of applying for a job brings a feeling of dread – but it doesn’t have to. In this article, we outline the simple steps you need to take when planning your move home and how to find your next nursing job.


Some facts that will make life easier:

Did you know that the HSE provides a relocation package to Irish nurses who want to move home?

What is provided?

  • Up to €1500 voucher to spend on whatever you need – flights, accommodation etc.
  • Nursing Registration Fee with the NMBI.
  • Funded postgraduate education.


Do you know the Irish process for returning to Ireland if you’re a nurse?

Read below!

When you left there may have not been as many opportunities in Ireland for nursing – but over the past few years, this has all changed. With improvements in our health service, a career in nursing in Ireland has started to attract overseas nurses and healthcare professionals to return home. Hospitals and other healthcare facilities demand agency nursing. The HSE is now offering a relocation package to nurses who are thinking of coming home. This relocation package will cover costs of up to €1500.

The HSE is also offering to cover the cost of registration with the NMBI – Nursing and Midwifery Board of Ireland. You need to be a registered nurse with the NMBI to be eligible to work in Ireland. This is a great relief for nurses making the move home to Ireland and one less cost to worry about. You can sign up on the HSE website to get the process started. The HSE is also offering to fund multiple graduate courses for nurses who want further specialisation and upskill. It’s a perfect time to make the move back.

Relocation scheme:

Many hospitals and health care facilities are now offering the relocation scheme. The cost of relocating adds up so offering this scheme to nurses abroad can really help incur some of the costs. So far nurses have used it to help with flight costs and other transport. The relocation package will make your return to Ireland more manageable and it makes the relocation more appealing.

Another reason to make the move back to Ireland is that Irish hospitals need you! We need nurses with a fresh perspective and strong talent. When you left Ireland you took your talent with you – Irish hospitals welcome your experience from abroad. It’s an opportunity to implement change in Irish hospitals. Now more than ever, recruitment companies are driving volumes of hospitals and healthcare facilities all over Ireland. There are endless amounts of opportunities for you when you go back home. Access Healthcare has positions for graduate nurses to general nurses and everything in between.


What steps should you take before returning to Ireland?

Are you registered with the NMBI?

This should be one of the first things you do after you have made the decision to move home. This may take the longest so make sure to have this ticked off the list well in advance. It’s important to get registered as soon as you can so you don’t have to face any delays in getting started in an Irish hospital when you arrive back.


Have you decided where in Ireland you would like to relocate to?

Agency nurses and healthcare staffing are more in demand than ever! Access Healthcare has opportunities in regions all over Ireland – whether you’re looking for a general nursing role, a midwife role or another healthcare professional role, so get in contact with our team today and find out what opportunities in agency nursing we have available.

Also, be sure to factor in where you will live, when you will start etc. This is something to consider if you are considering nursing back in Ireland as it can take some searching to get organised with accommodation, especially if it’s in the Dublin area you are looking for.

Life abroad is great and it’s amazing to see the world, but nothing beats coming home!

Come join us at Access Healthcare – or if you refer a friend who is also interested in agency nursing you could receive a €150 One for All voucher from us.


For more information on Irish nurses moving back home to Ireland, feel free to get in touch with Ryan O’Flaherty.

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