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On-Premises and Rapid – Cheaper than you think

Many larger companies have been successful at keeping their critical businesses running by using on-premise Covid-19 Corporate Testing. Now more organisations are seeing the value of creating workplace testing at their stores, offices, labs and factories. The cost and accessibility of corporate covid testing has fallen and small businesses are now embracing covid-19 testing programmes. Companies are using rapid antigen tests to get their staff back to their places of work and providing their employees with a safe environment.


Why are companies doing Covid-19 Testing?

Some companies run critical services and they need to keep their employees safe and keep running their businesses. Companies are using rapid testing services that can test a person within a minute and have a test result within 10-15 minutes.

These rapid antigen tests are very affordable and depending on the type of test, it can be as simple as one nasal swab administered by a registered nurse. This covid-19 testing isn’t a substitute for social distancing and clearly, further precautions need to be taken. However, by having an employee testing programme, staff are comfortable knowing that they are safe and not a danger to other work colleagues and loved ones.


Why is there so much momentum towards corporate covid testing?

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has long been advocating for widespread coronavirus testing. While they do point out that antigen tests are less accurate than RT-PCR tests, they are cheaper, quicker and don’t require any sophisticated lab equipment.

It is expected that testing will become more widespread and companies will further embrace covid-19 testing at their offices, factories and shops. It has been widely used in many essential services such as labs, food manufacturing, health services and areas of retail. As the music concert with 5,000 patrons in Barcelona in March showed that with Covid-19 tests, we can minimize risks.

The rapid antigen covid-19 test kits are now very affordable and provided you have an adequately trained healthcare professional to administer the test for a business or even event, you can put in place an affordable covid testing program and manage the risk of covid 19 infections.


What do I need for a successful Covid-19 Testing Programme?

There are a number of testing service companies providing workplace testing where they provide test kits and the documentation required. However, if you would like to set up your corporate covid-19 testing program here is some useful information on the equipment you need.

Access Healthcare provides qualified and registered nurses for the provision of these workplace testing programmes right across Ireland. If you just need nursing staff to administer the covid-19 rapid test or if you need a wider consulting engagement for the supply of Covid-19 tests, we can make an introduction to the relevant suppliers.

With rapid tests, the testing capacity is scalable because of the speed of the workplace testing and there is no need for diagnostic equipment.

As we await the successful rollout of the Covid-19 vaccines, rapid antigen tests in the workplace have a significant part to play in getting companies as productive as they once were and controlling this infectious disease.


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