Corporate Nursing Guidelines - Access Nursing

Company Needs/Requirements

  • Testing room/location should have separate entry and exit points even outdoors.
  • Roster/Rota should be complied to avoid large groups of people being together at once.
  • Staff entering the testing room/location should be wearing a face mask and keeping social distance.
  • All staff must use hand sanitiser before getting swabbing especially during self-swabbing.
  • PPE should be provided, which can consists of the following: Gloves, Aprons, Mask, Eye goggles, Face visors.

Gloves, Disposable Aprons, Mask, Face Visors are seen as mandatory PPE equipment that must be provided by the company.

Dawning of PPE

The donning and removal of Personal Protective Equipment and the type of PPE used will vary based on the risk of exposure anticipated and not all items of PPE will be required at the one time. Perform hand hygiene before putting on PPE. The order for putting on PPE is:

  1. Apron or Gown
  2. Fluid Repellent Face Mask
  3. Eye Protection
  4. Gloves

Before arrival, healthcare workers should know how many staff will be scheduled for swabbing. All healthcare worker must remember to do a universal infection control precautions which all healthcare staff should know. This entails disinfecting the area/work room in which testing will take place.

Step by step process
  • Arrive (no hand shaking) go to the appointed room,
  • Gel hands, wear gloves (mask will have already been on before you enter the house).
  • Disinfect the area that both you and other people may touch,
  • Change gloves, gel hands and prepare test kit for the first person,
  • Call person in (have their names already prepared on a slip of paper so you can put their test on it while it develops – (reduces the chance of mistakes)
  • Before the next person arrives, disinfect where you and they may have touched. Gel hands and follow 4 steps again to putting on PPE.
  • Prepare the next testing kit and call the person in, if more than one person in the room social distancing and face mask are vital.

If you would like any additional information, feel free to contact Ryan O’Flaherty on +353 1 901 5271